Price List

As of April 1, 2018

NIH National Resource for Aplysia
University of Miami

Price each

Juveniles 1–20 g


Juveniles 21–40 g


Late Juveniles 41–75g


Aplysia 76–100 g


Aplysia 101–125 g


Large Aplysia 126–200g


Aplysia >250g

By advance request only, please contact us for availability and pricing

Reproductive Aplysia

By advance request only, please contact us for availability and pricing

Stage 12 (less than 1 gram)


Postmetamorphic stages 8–11


Stage 6 metamorphicly competent

$5.25 + staging fee

Larval stages 1–5


Egg Mass


Macroalgae (Aplysia food)


Small insulated box / shipping

$15 / $130

Medium insulated box / shipping

$16 / $150

Large insulated box / shipping

$17.5 / $180

Extra-large insulated box / shipping

$19 / $200


Approximate number of animals per box and associated shipping cost

Box Size # Animals  10-150g  
Shipping cost Box Size # Animals 150-250g Shipping cost
Small  6  $  130.00 Small  2  $  130.00
Medium 9  $  150.00 Medium 6  $  150.00
Large 21  $  180.00 Large 14  $  180.00
X-Large 30  $  200.00 X-Large 20  $  200.00

 *These are approximate numbers, and may change if ordering different sized animals in a shipment



  • The above chart includes new lower prices for large animals >40g. These prices will remain in effect until further notice. Our goal is to increase the number of animals we are able to provide to the research community.
  • Shipping costs are for domestic orders only. International orders will require the use of a Freight Fowarder, and the cost of shipping will be arranged with the Fowarder.
  • International orders will be assesed an 'International Processing Fee' of $350.
  • FedEx Priority Overnight shipping costs for associated box sizes are listed above and will be added to your invoice, unless you provide us with a FedEx account to charge the shipping to. 
  • Please contact us for pricing on Aplysia >250g, or for reproductive animals.
  • We no longer stage individual veligers further than the designation Stage 1-5.  Group staging of larvae may be requested for an additional $50 staging fee.
  • Metamorphically competent Stage 6 can be requested, when available, but will be subjected to a $50 staging fee per order. 
  • Customers are encouraged to use credit cards or purchase cards when ordering to reduce paperwork and speed processing.
  • Invoices will be sent via email in a pdf format shortly after orders have shipped.
  • To avoid extra fees, please remember to order before noon on Monday. All animal(s) are shipped on Tuesdays. Orders received after noon Monday, or requests for non-Tuesday shipments, will be assessed a $50 fee.
  • Effective April 15, 2008, all prices reflect the previous NIH-user discount rate. Volume discounts for the purchase of 100 or more animals per month are available (contact Resource for more details).